2022 Class Schedule

Under our membership pricing, students are eligible to attend one, two, or three classes a week. All classes are for ages eight and up.

Registration instructions can be found here, and pricing plans can be found here.

If you have questions about which class to attend, feel free to contact us at info@blueridgefencing.net.

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Open Fencing

Time for our fencers to apply skills learned in class in friendly competitive bouts. Open fencing is included at every membership level. All fencers who have completed at least an introductory class or summer camp are encouraged to attend! 

Monday 8-9 PM

Thursday 8-9 PM

Saturday 12-2 PM


Intro Foil

All students who have little or no prior experience with fencing should attend the Introductory fencing class.

Saturday 11 AM-12 PM / All Ages / BRFC Coaching Staff


Beginner Foil

All students who have some fencing experience or have successfully completed an intro fencing class and who are still working on the skills necessary for the intermediate class should attend the beginner class.

Monday 5-6 PM / Ages 8-12 / Coach Hojohn

Tuesday 5-6 PM / All Ages / Coach Carney

Thursday 5-6 PM / Ages 13+ / Coach Hojohn


Intermediate Foil

All students who have successfully completed a beginner class and who have completed the skills necessary for the intermediate class (as recommended by Coach Sides) should attend the intermediate class. A student may also request a skills assessment and must pass the test given by Coach Sides to be placed in the intermediate class.

Monday 6-7 PM / Coach Sheynkman

Tuesday 6-7 PM / Coach Carney

Thursday 6-7 PM / Coach Sheynkman


Advanced Foil

The advanced class is by invitation only from Coach Sides for those students who have mastered the necessary advanced skills.

Monday 7-8 PM / Coach Sheynkman

Thursday 7-8 PM / Coach Sheynkman


Adult Foil

The adult class is for older teens and adults.

Tuesday 7-8 PM / Coach Carney

Wednesday 6-7 PM / Intro / Coach Carney

Wednesday 7-8 PM / Beginner / Coach Carney

Fencers in combat


This class will teach epee to all interested students.

Saturday 12-1 PM / BRFC Coaching Staff


All Club Class

Open to all students who have completed an Introductory Class. The all-club class is included at every membership level.

Saturday 2-3 PM / BRFC Coaching Staff


Private Lessons

Private lessons offer the opportunity to get one-on-one time with a coach. Each lesson is tailored to the individual student, which allows for more focused training. Lessons are 20-30 minutes, and can cover technique, tactics, goal setting, and tournament preparation.  If you would like to start private lessons, or get more information about scheduling and pricing, speak with your coach.

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Fencing Class Preparation

Please plan to arrive at the start of each class in the proper attire for fencing. Proper gear is an important safety consideration in fencing. Failure to wear appropriate clothing to class may, unfortunately, result in a fencer being prevented from practicing for that day. The following are requirements for fencing practices.

Pants - should be long pants with no knees or ankles exposed. Athletic pants are strongly recommended, but regular pants are acceptable. No shorts! While fencing is one of the safest sports, please remember that we are using metal fencing swords to poke at each other and scrapes are possible. Pants reduce this risk significantly.

Shoes - must be closed-toed. Running shoes are preferable. Bare feet, flip flops, sandals, and Crocs are not suitable for fencing. These types of shoes pose a tripping hazard and make it impossible to correctly practice proper fencing footwork.